Student Comments

kids2“The teacher’s name was Mrs. Monroe, and over the year being in her class, I learned that it was a safe place for our class to have talks about different things like teen drama, depression and other stuff like that. And she would never judge any of us. I know that over the year she had been writing a book, “Miracle at Monty Middle School.” And it happened to be a really great book. It really I think helped me to think about my life and how I really could relate to the main character Marvin. And how I was really depressed and wanted nothing more than to be an outcast and hide from my problems. I tried fitting in with everyone else, but it just wasn’t like me. So over the year, I found out who I was and what I want out of life. And I can’t wait to see what my life and future has in store for me.”

K.S., Palm Beach County High School Freshman

“When I came to your class I didn’t have any confidence in myself to achieve level 2 on the FCAT or over 1000 on the SRI. Well, I went up to level 2 and I even went up to 1435 on SRI and I couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for you. You gave me a good push and now my self esteem has grown more since being in your class … You became my favorite teacher because you believed in me.”

J.E., Palm Beach Cou”I just want to say thank you for believing in me and always thinking positive and being on my side and with the students trying and dedicated to do your job with no regrets whatsoever and I pray by the next time I take the retakes in October, I pass with a level 4!”

K.M., Palm Beach County High School Sophomore

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9781434335746_cover.indd“My favorite book is Krazy White Girl by Mary A. Monroe. The book took me like three hours to read. I read it like 15 minutes in every class  ‘cause how can you not read it! It is just a great book. It’s my favorite book because it’s funny but sad and it just makes you wanna keep reading.” C.M., Lantana Middle School, Lantana, Florida

From a book study project by K.M., Forest Hill High School, West Palm Beach, Florida:
Krazy White Girl is a story about a young teen named Nicole Adams. She was living in South Florida and moved to New York with her Aunt Lori and cousin Johnny.
Reason for that was because Nicole “Niki” was almost literally killed by her mother’s boyfriend named Ricaldo. But after moving she realizes so much of herself by meeting
new friends named Blondie and Lo and then finding a crush, who ends up loving her (Blake.) She joins clubs and much more and regains her self esteem. Come and discover Nicole’s story,
with all this drama, hate, relationship, life, school, and strength.”

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