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Tagger” is a novel that will surely grip the attention of all students, from those who love to read, to those who may have never read an entire novel. Mary Monroe tackles the subject of graffiti in her latest work, and takes her reader into the fascinating world of this forbidden art. I loved the exciting twists and turns of the story, as Ms. Monroe champions her protagonist to the ultimate realization that he possesses a gift and must decide how he will use it in the future.  S. Berry, Language Arts Teacher, Palm Beach County
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9781425997335_cover.inddMiracle at Monty Middle School

“I loved Miracle at Monty Middle School because boys can relate to it – the characters are very realistic and very much like the students we see every day in our Intensive Reading classrooms. This book sends a wonderful message (without being “preachy”) and even slips in some very valuable learning strategies that students can actually use! It’s easy to read, the chapters are short, and I think our students will enjoy it and learn from it.”
G.S., Reading Resource Teacher, Palm Beach County, K-12 Literacy Dept.

“I read the book. IT is WONDERFUL. I taught DOP for 16 years and can really relate. I am sending it to one of my former team-teachers who is now the principal of an elementary school. HE was your main man …Thanks for sharing with me.”

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“Mary Monroe,
Thanks for sharing your text, Miracle at Monty Middle School. I read it on the plane with great interest. I agree, you have an enabling text. I enjoyed meeting Marvin and Mr. Martin. It will become one of my recommended readings as I continue to travel throughout our nation. Thanks for contributing to my textual lineage.

Miracle at Monty Middle School will continue to be one of my recommended readings as I continue to travel throughout our nation“…
May peace be unto you,
Alfred Tatum, author of Teaching Reading to Black Adolescent Males, State of Illinois University Professor
“Just read your book over the weekend. Really liked it. Our school purchased an entire class set for our reading dept. Talking about asking you to come for a ‘Meet the Author’ thing next year. Loved the high level vocabulary!
L.M., Teacher, Palm Beach County Middle School

“Monroe is obviously a teachers’ teacher who knows how kids talk and how to include many nuggets of good practice in this book, which will appeal to a wide range of readers.”
C.S., Media Specialist, Palm Beach County Middle School

“Mary…I LOVED your book! I’ve given it to my grandson Alonzo who is in third grade but reads at a 6th grade level. I challenged him to see if he could read the book and get the point.”
D.S., TV Producer, Palm Beach County