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Tagger by Mary Monroe *** New ***
Graffiti was his life — and soul
Luis, 14, is finding his soul through a dangerous, criminal addiction — graffiti

Freshman Luis Arteaga, 14, can't stay awake in class at Sunrise High School because he's up most nights until early morning working on graffiti drawings for his Black Book.

Once Luis teams up with a crew called Skills, headed by The Beast and Grill, his life gets more and more out of control until he's forced to move to his dad's home in a small midwestern river town called Cave-in-Rock, rich in mystery and heritage. Luis feels he is being called to the cave to do something — but what?

This is Luis' fascinating story, inspired by true events.

"Original Grafffiti art designs by Artist Job Narvaez, who inspired this novel"

Price: Softcover $14.99   Hardcover $18.99  
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Miracle at Monty Middle School
Miracle at Monty Middle School Marvin begins his first day of eighth grade feeling like a loser -- fat and depressed.

Price: Paperback $11.25

 Milagro en la Escuela Monty
Milagro en la Escuela Monty Marvin comienza su primer día del octavo grado sintiéndose como un perdedor; gordo y deprimido.

Price: Paperback $11.99

Krazy White Girl
Krazy White Girl They all called her Krazy… Fourteen-year-old Nicole Adams of South Florida awakes from a coma and finds her life changed forever.

Price: Paperback $11.95

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